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Welcome to our Italian courses – During our series of Elementary level courses, students will reinforce their ability to communicate their needs on everyday scenarios and routine topics. They will also get a firm grasp of the fundamentals of Italian grammar and vocabulary, and will be able to speak in simple terms about their background, their interests, work, and family.

The subjects covered in our Elementary courses are: The present Progressive, the Direct and Indirect Object Pronouns , the Impersonal form -si, the Indefinite Adjectives, the articulated prepositions, the Imperfect tense, the difference in the usage of the Passato Prossimo and Imperfetto, the Imperative form, the Future tense, the Conditional form, the particle “ci”, the Reflexive verbs used with the Passato Prossimo and other verbal forms.

The Elementary level courses are part of the A2 European Framework of Reference for Languages and include writing, speaking, reading and listening activities.

Plus, students will also receive a Membership to our Social Club, where they will be able to attend free and discounted events to further practise and improve their new language skills. These social events include cooking classes, film festivals, art exhibitions, visits to restaurants, games nights, picnics, wine degustation, music and dance events, sport activities and much more. They will also receive discounts at our Shop and at our Accent Café in Subiaco.

We can’t wait to see you in class!


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6-Week Course (90-minute lessons once a week) PLUS Course Materials & a Membership to the Multicultural Social Club

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Enrolment Conditions

Fees are non-refundable after the course commences. Once classes start, the course in non-transferrable. Change of course after the commencement date requires payment of 100% of the new course fees.

Given that we provide the benefit of small class groups, cancellations within 10 days prior to the start date will be charged 100% of the full course fees. Cancellations or change of course within 15 days prior to the start will be charged 50% of the full course fees.

Classes are not held on public holidays.

In the event of unforeseen circumstances, such as acts of nature, insufficient enrolments or situations outside of our control, the dates are subject to change. All of the above conditions still apply in this circumstance, and students will be notified of the alternate course dates. Fees may be refunded when a course can’t proceed due to insufficient enrolments and the students who do not wish to move to the alternate dates.

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