The language between the conscious and the unconscious. We are really excited to invite you to our upcoming Neurographica Workshop & Appetisers at @accentcafe on Saturday 1st of April from 12 to 2 pm. ☺️ This workshop will be offered by the talented local artist “Elzara”.

Neurographica art is one of the most widely used psychological techniques in art therapy today.

Also known as doodling, Neurographica is an art form that also engages both our aesthetic and emotional intelligence, eliciting positive changes in our reality, as it has been observed to create these changes in people experiencing chronic pain and anxiety, as well as helped people gain clarity and peacefulness.

Neurographic art creates a mindful, meditative, yet aware state through the creation of new neural connections when engaging in this art form.

The word neurographic encompasses two concepts within it: neuro, referring to brain cells and connections between them and the body, and graphic, as in depictions of images, shapes and ideas in art. Neurographic art allows for vast creative freedom, free of inhibition and positive changes due to its simple but positively impactful technique that requires no previous art experience or age limit.

When you’ve finished your drawing, what turns out is a work of art that was guided by allowing your energy to flow in a completely free and unplanned manner, allowing your feelings and unconscious thoughts to travel and express themselves freely from your brain, to your arm, to your hand, to the drawing in front of you. Capturing those feelings and emotions on paper and creating new neural connections, which allows you to see reality in a different way, impacts future thoughts and everyday decisions.

To secure your spot please send us a DM. ☺️Thank you, gracias, grazie, merci!

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