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Where the thrill of learning a new language also becomes a fantastic way to meet new friends and discover another culture!


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  • Class Material Included in the Cost of the Course

  • Small-Size Class Groups

  • Free & Discounted Events

  • Professional Native-Speaking Teachers

  • Immersive Activities & Adaptability to Students’ Needs

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Thank you very much for visiting The Multicultural Language Centre! We are very excited that you are planning to take on the journey of learning a new language and we’re here to support you.

Our wonderful teachers will be delighted to have you in our French, Spanish, and Italian courses which cater to small groups and private classes. They will guide you in a fun and relaxed environment throughout this experience with activities that involve real-life situations, offering you the confidence to express yourself from the very first lesson.

We also believe in making your learning more lively, which is the reason why we organise regular social activities and cultural events where you can learn in an immersive environment.

Activities include movie nights, social food and drink meetups, workshops, conversation sessions, game nights, and book clubs.

You are in the right place and we can’t wait to see you in class!

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Why learn with us?

Multicultural Language Centre

Our Teaching Approach

Our classes are taught in a very relaxed, fun, and pressure-free environment with games and various activities which involve real-life scenarios, offering our students the confidence to express themselves from the very first lesson. 

Our courses have been carefully designed to facilitate communication in both spoken and written forms, and we adjust our class dynamics within the group, in order to ensure everybody is comfortable learning at an enjoyable pace.


Our Professional Teachers

All of our teachers at the MultiCultural Language Centre are native speakers of the language they teach. They are also highly dedicated professionals, committed to delivering each course in the best possible way. 

Our groups are comprised of a small number of students, allowing our teachers to address their individual needs and to focus on key areas such as pronunciation and other tasks at a much more personalised level.

Multicultural Language Centre

Our Immersive Experience

Learning Spanish, French, or Italian at the MultiCultural Language Centre isn’t just about turning up to class! We believe that learning a new language also offers an opportunity to experience the vibrant culture that native speakers of that language enjoy! 

This is why we love organising music, dance, games, sports, food and drinks events, games and movie nights, as well as social multicultural catchups for our students, so they can learn while meeting people from different parts of the world.

Who we have worked with

Established in 2011 and with over a century of collective teaching experience.
Some of our corporate clients include:

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