French Level 2

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French Level 2

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This course is a continuation of French Level 1. On completion of the course, students will have furthered their knowledge of French and be able to communicate with more competence and fluency in a wider range of situations.


Course schedules and costs

Date: Saturday – 14th April to 19th May 2018
Time: 1:30 to 3:00 pm
Venue: 296a Hay St, Subiaco 
Enrolments Close: 5th April 

Date: Thursday – 3rd May to 7th June 2018
Time: 9:30 to 11:00 am 
Venue: 296a Hay St, Subiaco 
Enrolments Close: 22nd April

Date: Saturday – 5th May to 16th June (no class 2/6) 2018
Time: 10:30 am to 12:00 pm
Venue: 296a Hay St, Subiaco 
Enrolments Close: 24th April

Date: Monday – 7th May to 18th June (no class 4/6) 2018
Time: 7:30 to 9:00 pm
Venue: 715 Beaufort St, Mt Lawley
Enrolments Close: 28th April

Thursday – 31st May to 5th July 2018
Time: 6:30 to 8:00 pm
Venue: George Burnett Leisure Centre, Manning Rd
Enrolments Close: 22nd May

Date: Wednesday – 6th June to 11th July 2018
Time: 7:30 to 9:00 pm
Venue: 296a Hay St, Subiaco 
Enrolments Close: 26th May

Special: $197 (normal price $295)  6-week Classroom Course PLUS a membership to the MultiCultural Social Club!



Course Information

Take your French to the next level!

As a continuation of our French  Level 1, this course is perfect if you have a basic beginner's knowledge of French. During this course, you will develop your written and conversational language skills in a range of everyday and travel situations.

Once completing French level 2, you will have extended your vocabulary and your knowledge of grammar, enabling you to have more complex and detailed conversations. Subjects covered in this course include a revision of topics studied in level 1, sentence structure, reflexive verbs and conjugation of regular and irregular verbs in the present tense.

You'll also be invited to attend events where you can meet native French speakers to further practise your new language skills and exchange cultural information. These events include cooking and dance classes, film festivals, art exhibitions, visits to restaurants and much more.

MCLC SPECIAL $197, Normally $295

This exclusive offer includes a 6 week classroom course with 90 minute lessons once a week. Classes are always small, so you are guaranteed personal tuition. Our native speaking teachers are friendly and love to help you learn in a relaxed and sociable environment.

Plus you will also receive membership to the MCLC Social Club, which will connect you to local cultural, social and sporting events. Many are free and others are available to you at a discounted rate. A great way to meet native speakers of the language you are studying.


Enrolment Conditions

Fees are not refundable after the course commences. Once classes start, the course is non-transferrable. Change of course after the commencement date requires payment of 100% of the new course fees. 

Given that we provide the benefit of small class groups, cancellations within 10 days prior to the start date will be charged 100% of the full course fees. Cancellations or change of course within 15 days prior to the start will be charged 50% of the full course fees. 

Classes are not held on public holidays. 

In the event of unforeseen circumstances, such as acts of nature, insufficient enrolments or situations outside of our control, the dates are subject to change. All of the above conditions still apply in this circumstance, and students will be notified of the alternate course dates. Fees may be refunded when a course can't proceed due to insufficient enrolments and the students do not wish to move to the alternate dates.

Date:  Monday – 29th February to 18th April (no class 7/3 & 28/3) 2016
Time:  6:30 - 8:00 pm  
Venue: George Burnett Leisure Centre, Manning Rd
Enrolments close: 27th February

Date:  Wednesday – 2nd March to 6th April 2016
Time: 7:15 to 8:45 pm
Venue: 2-10 Holyrood St, West Leederville
Enrolments close: 27th February 


Date: Thursday– 24th March to 28th April 2016
Time:  6:00 to 7:30 pm
Venue: 715 Beaufort St, Mt Lawley
Enrolments close: 15th March